Two Weeks to Operational Tracking-For Working Dog Handlers!
Two Weeks to Operational Tracking-For Working Dog Handlers!
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Two Weeks to Operational Tracking-For Working Dog Handlers!

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*Books are shipping to us now and we expect to ship all new orders in 10-15 days. Take your tracking work to an entirely new level with this step by step solution to urban K9 manhunting! This is a two week, 10 day system to lay a strong foundation for urban tracking work. 

The basis for this book is my experience with some of the most intelligent, confounding dogs that I have ever worked with: Military MPC’s or Multi-Purpose Canines. My career over the last twenty-five years has taken me far indeed. To almost every continent on the Earth and twenty-five countries all for tracking training, but of all the programs I have been part of, these last seven years have been the most amazing and educational. I believe I have learned more in the last several years than I have in the last couple of decades.

So, what is an MPC? For those of you “old school” guys it means patrol K9 or the dog that has multiple jobs such as area search, tracking, explosives or narcotics detection, as well as apprehension/ protection. From a search & rescue standpoint, it could be a combination of trailing/ tracking, air scent, and human remains detection. Multi-Purpose Canine is just an extension of this doggy job description. However, I do have to say that the Special Operations Command dogs bring things to an entirely new level. Our US Military SOCOM dogs are truly some of the most exciting, intelligent creatures I have ever worked with and are the basis for this book you are reading now.

Who is this book for? Well, honestly, it is for any dog trainer or handler with a caveat. Certain dog handlers will find that this program simply moves too fast and their dogs take more repetition and time. It is simply too much, too soon. There is nothing wrong with that and if there is a need for more time, just take it and realize that there is no hurry. The two-week time frame for this program is designed for those exceptional animals that work a myriad of jobs and do them all exceptionally well, the really gifted dogs that pick up on things super-fast.

There was a time that I thought only a year of intensive work would get dogs to the level most of the MPC’s I have worked with have gotten to in just a few short weeks. These dogs have been game changers and after working with so many, I have realized that there are a lot more out there just begging to be let out of the kennel. This program is fast and though I think anyone can get a lot from it, the advanced MPC’s will respond the fastest. This book is for all Specialized Search & Rescue, Police & Military patrol dog teams that are responsible for working a myriad of tough jobs in incredibly tough conditions. And remember, it says two weeks, but you may want to move slower. There is nothing wrong with that. Two weeks may take four to six. There is no worry or hurry.

Jeff Schettler

Edisto Island, SC