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*Important Shipping information:
We believe that you should have shipping choices and we have integrated United Parcel Service, UPS, into our shipping platform here on Shopify. Historically, we have relied on the United States Postal Service for the bulk of our orders. However, we have received numerous complaints about poor tracking ability with USPS and delayed shipments overseas in particular. Based on our experience to date, UPS is very reliable in all levels of tracking parcels and very responsive with inquiries. This cannot be said with USPS which seems to have a very non-responsive customer service department when following up on packages and the tracking system is not up to date. That being said, USPS priority mail parcels are super fast and reliable in the continental United States. They are also the least expensive. However, when sending packages overseas, USPS reliability falls off significantly and the tracking system has proven to be less than helpful. The choice is yours and we only want to make sure that you are happy with your orders. We understand that timely delivery is part of that satisfaction process. We recommend United Parcel Service shipping for all international orders. The cost is approximately 7% more but the security and timely delivery may be worth it. 
The GAK9 Shipping Team