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Patrol Cap ATACS FG

  • $ 2000

The new TTTK9 ATACS FG Patrol cap is a TBT hat from way back.  Back in the day, my favorite cap for trailing was a short brim hat. It gave me shade over the eyes but did not get knocked off my head as much by tree limbs like a longer brimmed hat did. I know it sounds picky, but when you constantly have to bend down and get your cap over and over, it delays things a bit on the track and to me, that's FUBAR.  This new Tru-Spec cap is the exact same hat from back in the day. It is a reproduction of the original US Army Ranger Cap with the addition of a map pocket inside the cover and velcro pad on the back for a name tag or unit designator. And, the best thing is the new Camo pattern! ATACS FG is by far the best camo pattern I have ever used and it blends in so seamlessly in the woods. It also looks super cool.  This new hat is sized like the originals. It is not one size fits all. Sizes available are: 6 3/4, 7, 7 1/4, 7 1/2, 7/3/4

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