Phase 1 Two Weeks to Operational Tracking - Trailing Imprinting...getting started
Phase 1 Two Weeks to Operational Tracking - Trailing Imprinting...getting started
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Phase 1 Two Weeks to Operational Tracking - Trailing Imprinting...getting started

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Online Class - Phase I: Trailing Imprinting...getting started. 

Trailing imprinting incorporates natural tracking training that accentuates the dogs instinctive traits. This course will cover fire trails, modified firetrails, adding age and distance. The process of adding scent discrimination to your repertoire is a key component to our system. Unlike trailing, scent discrimination is not completely natural in the way we think about choosing one human odor over another. Therefore it must be taught in careful steps.  Double blind training techniques are covered here.

Jeff's system is a natural training method using the dogs innate skills at tracking scent. Skills that are hardwired into the dog at birth and not something that can be replicated by humans. Jeff's philosophy is that we cannot train a dog to track as it already has this capability as soon as it crawling shortly after birth. If anything, human interpretation of this ability is often skewed and many training styles are often contradictory to Canid tracking instinct. Our job as handlers is to harness this natural ability and teach the dog to trail/ track in a variety of environments and to stay focused on one target at a time; scent discrimination. 

Each class is approximately 2-2.5 hours long based on Q&A time after the powerpoint. The PowerPoint includes videos and diagrams of actual training exercises for each phase. Post presentation, Jeff will be available for up to 2 individual Q&A emails per phase and per student. Jeff's book is recommended reading prior to the class but not mandatory. You may obtain a copy directly from our store here or a kindle version on Amazon. 

There are multiple training dates for each phase offered. Should a trainee not be able to complete a course due to unforeseen circumstances, make-up dates are offered at not additional charge. Recoding of classes is not allowed. All material is copyright protected. 

Per Phase cost is $200. You can get the entire course and receive a 25% discount on each phase. 

This course is for police, military, civilian or Search & Rescue personnel.

A final graduation certificate will be provided to each student. 

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