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Manhunter T-Shirt Limited Edition 2015 (BH)

  • $ 2500

A classic design for GAK9 NTC and TTTK9 Tactical Tracker Teams.
1307~ Some of the first stories of dogs hunting man came from Scotland and of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace (Braveheart) being hunted by Sleuth Hounds.
Crossed Kukri Knives over a field of green centered by a K9 paw~
I originally designed this logo back in 2005 to honor my trainers and Army brothers from Combat Tracker Teams in Viet Nam.  Frank Merritt and David Layne were instrumental in helping me design a tactical training program and teach the "proximity alert" to help save police K9 handlers' lives. The Kukri knives honor their service and are a reflection on the Gurkha warriors who helped train them. The paw centered between the knives represents the use of a K9 to cut the trail of the hunted. The field of green is the color of my US Army background and my faith in all my brother and sisters in camouflage; we love you all and everything you do to protect this land!

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