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Manhunter 2015 Special Edition Shirts

  • $ 2000

This design is available in both short- and long-sleeved. 
  • 10.0 oz., pre-laundered 80/20 cotton/polyester
  • Double-needle split-stitched sewing on all seams
  • Twill neck tape
A timeless design for GAK9 NTC and TTTK9 Tactical Tracker Teams. 
1307~ Some of the first stories of dogs hunting man came from Scotland and of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, (Braveheart), being hunted by Hounds.
Crossed Kukri Knives over a field of green centered by a K9 paw~
I originally designed this logo back in 2005 to honor my trainers and Army brothers from Combat Tracker Teams in Viet Nam.  The Kukri knives honor their service and are a reflection on the Gurkha warriors who helped train them. The paw centered between the knives represents the use of a K9 to cut the trail of the hunted. The field of green is the color of my US Army background and my faith in all my brother and sisters in camouflage; we love you all and everything you do to protect this land!

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