K9 Trailing The Straightest Path
K9 Trailing The Straightest Path
Georgia K9 NTC

K9 Trailing The Straightest Path

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Foreword for K9 Trailing; The Straightest Path:

"Constant failure is not an option for me nor should it be for any handler interested in saving lives and solving crime.  There was a time when I did not know what success in trailing was and I had to take a serious look at my training protocols. The "Straightest Path” is nothing more than a simple and honest path to good trailing training based not only on all of my experience in the field being successful, but also all of my failures.  There can be no growth without both. I will outline my method for working trailing dogs, step by step, and with only one goal in mind: finding people.  This program was designed for anyone handling a trailing dog and I have been teaching it now for over a decade.  It is important to offer to others what was so generously given to me by many of the great handlers of the past and present.

...Follow me, if you dare, to a path less traveled!"