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Manhunter Challenge Observer

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Manhunter Challenge and Invitational November 8-10, 2019; first competition of its kind. Have you ever wondered who's the real deal is in tracking? Have you ever wanted to truly challenge yourself and your dog? This will be a time and place where the best of the best gather to compete. This challenge is limited to 15 dogs teams and 15 observers. Lodging is provided for all dog teams only. Hotels are nearby for observers. Meals are not included.

All challenges will be conducted in a double blind condition; nobody with the dog team is aware of the track or ending. All trails will be recorded by GPS on K9 and trail layer(s). Each trail will be video record the trail layer and K9 team.

Dog teams will be split into 5 dog groups. Each group will cycle through each challenge each day.

The Challenges:

Oldest Trail Award: Rural Environment, six-hour-old trail, 2000 meters in length, fastest time to completion takes the cup. 1.5-hour time limit.

The Stairway to Heaven: This is an evasion trail where the trail layer uses scent pools, cross tracks, back tracks, and obstacles to defeat the K9 team. This may be the most serious trail you have ever run; complex and inherently dangerous. The K9 team must be able to swim. This is a 2000-meter, one hour aged trail, and fastest time to completion takes the cup.

The Urban Jungle: This is the crème de la crème of trailing/ tracking. This is also where most K9 teams fail over and over. One hour old trail in a city environment, 850 meters long, soft and hard surface conditions. Fastest time to completion takes the cup.

The Awards

Gold Medal- Top K9 Team

Silver Medal- Second or runner up

Bronze Medal- Third place competitor

This is a serious competition and physical fitness is a must. All competitors and observers will be required to sign a damage and injury waiver prior to commencement.  The rural conditions will be primarily in the low country swamps. The environment is incredibly difficult for humans and animals alike. If you have a fear of insects, snakes, or alligators this may not be the challenge for you.

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