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GAK9 Web Trailing Harness

  • $ 9000

Georgia K9's trailing harnesses were designed for long-range trailing/ tracking work.  This design was created to put all of the pressure across the broadest amount of surface area of the K9's chest without restricting or constricting the legs or neck of the dog. The D ring rides high between the shoulder blades to ensure that the harness does not fall to either side of the dog while in motion. This simple yet functional design helps to keep the lead out from between the dog's legs.

The Web Trailing Harness is available in sizes X-Small to X-Large with color options of Green, Coyote, and Black. Please measure your dog prior to ordering to ensure accurate sizing. 

X-Large - girth 84 to 98 cm

Large - girth 74 to 86 cm

Medium - girth 64 to 76 cm

Small - girth 55 to 64 cm

X-Small - girth 48 to 55 cm


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