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Trailing Harness

  • $ 9900

Our  American Made Trailing harnesses are the best in the business.  Simply compare our stitching and leather work to ANY harness on the market. OUR quality is the best!

Georgia K9's trailing harnesses were designed for long range trailing/ tracking work.  This design was created to put all of the pressure across the broadest amount of surface area of the K9's chest without restricting or constricting the legs or neck of the dog. The D ring rides high between the shoulder blades to ensure that the harness does not fall to either side of the dog while in motion. This simple yet functional design helps to keep the lead out form between the dog's legs.

Georgia K9 trainers prefer leather products such as this for long range work encompassing many miles and hours of strenuous K9 work simply due to the fact that leather of this style and type is far less constricting and abrasive than its nylon counterparts.

I created the prototype for this harness and has used it on his own dogs since 1995.  Our commercial version is made by our saddle makers exclusively for us.  Each piece is hand crafted in drum tanned leather. 

Georgia K9 Trailing Harnesses are completely adjustable and normally fit K9's from 45- 65-Medium Size and 70-100 pounds- Large Size.   As with all leather products, every item is handmade and unique.  Stitching and color will always vary slightly. Colors available is only black.

Chest sizes are the best way to configure your harness size. Measure with a soft tape or string around the broadest point of the chest.

Large Harness: 32 to 45" Circumference. 

Small Harness: 31 to 40" Circumference.

Because these are handmade harnesses, there will always be very slight size and color differences. This is the beauty of custom handmade leatherwork! Enjoy the the uniqueness.

Maintenance of the harness is similar to a fine pair of leather boots. Clean with a "saddle soap" type leather product and then let dry completely. Once dry, apply a even coat of leather conditioner such as Neetsfoot Oil and let dry.  

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